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Metal Oxide Varistors(MOV)

AC High Performance MOV

The company has been committed to the R&D and manufacture of high-performance metal oxide varistor ever since it been founded. After 10 years of development, TGE already has an entire manufacturing technology and advanced production equipment and several production lines forAC and DC High Performance MOV and high gradient MOV. High-performance metal oxide varistor and the manufacturing technology won the 2005 National Key New Product Award, and had contributed for the successful development of UHV 1100kV arresters. In 2012, “TGE" trademark was named as Xi'an famous brand.

The company established an advanced management system, with a highly efficient management, high professional quality, strong cohesiveness management and technical team, with the R&D and production capacity to manufacture the first-class varistors in domestic. The company's quality management system passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification in 2008.

AC and DC High Performance MOV

High performance MOV for DC application. The range of MOV voltage gradient is 190-235V/mm, which can be applied in all kinds of arrestors in DC power transmission and transformation systems, such as DC bus arrestor, bus arrestor, converter valve arrestor, valve group protection arrester and filtering device arrester. Also can be applied in other place where required arrestor bear DC voltage and high DC component, such as in metro, urban rail transit network, Send change of wind power and large-scale rectification device.

High performance MOV for AC application. The range of MOV voltage gradient is 190-235V/mm, which can be applied in porcelain housing arrestors, organic composite arrester and GIS arrester.